5 Steps to Mastering Google AdWords Campaigns

Here’s the presentation I gave on the Meetup breakfast with Jeff Pulver on August 28th 2008 in Tel Aviv:

The presentation is embed below and the session itself is available on YouTube:

Part I
Part II
Part III


Google Quality Score Update

Quality Score is one term which for some people may some vague or taken from the Olympics – but for others, in the web marketing business, especially those who specialize in Pay per Click and Google AdWords Optimization – it’s one KPI we all strive to maximize. Google has announced they are rolling out a change in the Quality Score algorithms, so here goes… Continue reading “Google Quality Score Update”

Speaking at the Meetup with Jeff Pulver :-)

This Thursday (August 28th 2008) Compucall will be hosting a Meetup with Jeff Pulver, in ZOA House (Beit Tzioney America), on 26 Eben Gvirol street, at 9:00 AM, in Tel Aviv.

“The August meetup is going to feature a new, stronger social networking
framework, and a motivational talk by Jeff Pulver (www.pulver.com).”

The Meetup is organized by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Entrepreneurs! group, established in May 2007, held 14 meetups and registered so much as 620 members. The group is lead by Mr. Gadi Guy and Ms. Or-Tal Kiriati

“Meet a new network of local entrepreneurs to share tips and problem
solving techniques, get advice on profitability and career and discuss
mentoring and business models. Swap business cards and watch your
personal business directory grow”

I’ll be giving a short presentation during the event. I only have a short time frame so I haven’t decided just yet what my session will focus on – as the audience is versatile I do not want to take it too much to either tech stuff or biz stuff – Right now it seems we’re going to talk about “SEO 2.0” or more specifically – how can web sites in the 2.X era optimize for better user experience and better search engine optimization, especially in the world of universal search i.e. search, products, video, images, news, blogs, articles, social content etc.

Looking forward to meet new people 🙂


Microsoft adCenter New Features

Microsoft adCenter announced today on a few new features to their Pay per Click (PPC) platform.
These new features are mainly administrative which focuses on:

  • Billing Features Improvement
  • Improved and deeper keyword research tools
  • Reporting Improvement

Microsoft adCenter platform does not count for a large market share compared to search giant Google and rival Yahoo!, though their new system is pretty neat in its features and ability to target specific demographics easily. From our experience at Compucall while adCenter provides lower volume their traffic quality is sometimes significantly better than others.

Continue reading “Microsoft adCenter New Features”

Twitter – Getting started…

Twitter has my name listed for less than 24 hours, however I spent quite some time today playing around, reading and investigating this phenomenon.

For a long long time I had a very strong objection to sign up. “Hey ain’t that just another one of those tools which will take away my time?” is a sample of the thoughts I had, or perhaps better phrase as my fears from Twitter.
As an Internet “addict” for more than 10 years, there comes a time when you do want to stop, think and hold on – but then again curiosity and the sense for new technology usually wins.

So in this post I’d like to share my first Twitter day, and perhaps share a few of my actions on Twitter trying to understand it better, where I looked, what I found – and what the future may hold. Continue reading “Twitter – Getting started…”