Twitter – Getting started…

Twitter has my name listed for less than 24 hours, however I spent quite some time today playing around, reading and investigating this phenomenon.

For a long long time I had a very strong objection to sign up. “Hey ain’t that just another one of those tools which will take away my time?” is a sample of the thoughts I had, or perhaps better phrase as my fears from Twitter.
As an Internet “addict” for more than 10 years, there comes a time when you do want to stop, think and hold on – but then again curiosity and the sense for new technology usually wins.

So in this post I’d like to share my first Twitter day, and perhaps share a few of my actions on Twitter trying to understand it better, where I looked, what I found – and what the future may hold. Continue reading “Twitter – Getting started…”

SEO Automation: SEOmoz Launches SEO Analytics

Well, it’s seldom when I can write about two new revelations in one week, and be exited with both. But I guess this is one of those weeks…

I just received an email from SEOmoz, followed but reading Rand Fishkin’s Blog Post announcing the re-launch of their premium service as “SEOmoz PRO” (nothing new, seems more like “hype”) service – however, and here comes the cherry – a completely renovated interface, AJAX / Web 2.0 extra cool and interactive interface! Continue reading “SEO Automation: SEOmoz Launches SEO Analytics”