SEO Automation: SEOmoz Launches SEO Analytics

Well, it’s seldom when I can write about two new revelations in one week, and be exited with both. But I guess this is one of those weeks…

I just received an email from SEOmoz, followed but reading Rand Fishkin’s Blog Post announcing the re-launch of their premium service as “SEOmoz PRO” (nothing new, seems more like “hype”) service – however, and here comes the cherry – a completely renovated interface, AJAX / Web 2.0 extra cool and interactive interface!

So You would now be thinking:
“So ophir, Are you really that excited about the interface you’re wasting HTML tags and blog space writing about it?”

Then I’d answer:“No! This one is really new! and here comes. (but you must admit their interface is indeed cool… 🙂 )”

ok…SEO Analytics is a toolset developed by SEOmoz, and handed to the premium – pro subscribers ($49/month, worth every penny).
What it does, is it collects very useful information from the web, about the web site of your choice, analyzes and presents the data in a way which may help you:
A. Understand how your website is indexedB. Learn about how search engines read links pointing at your web siteC. Measure your brand exposure on the webD. Analyze, Compare and track all of these over time

Why is SEO Analytics so important?

Well, when we do SEO, we strive to gather the information and be able to analyze and deduce conclusions. As in most cases we do not gather the data in a professional, steady, methodological way (at least most SEO’s) but rather sample the data here and there, most conclusions are based on trial & error, probability and luck.
SEO Analytics brings methodology into the SEO equation. For beginners, it will teach you what to measure and how to measure, for PRO’s, it will teach us how to look at the data more professionally.
SEO Analytics has got the potential to become the WPG (web position gold – remember?) of the SEO 2.0 days.

Make no mistakes!

SEO Analytics will NOT do SEO. it does not optimize your web site, it does not bring in new links, it does not improve your search engine rankings nor traffic!What it does, is it reports and gives you data you can and need to work with.And a word for consultants:WPG and its rivals got to a point where they are not useless at most times. Again, this is mainly due to misuse of the tools and the presumption that they do the work for you (hint: They don’t…)SEO Analytics is the same. You need to get the most out of it and use it carefully as a KPI measurement tool, as high indexed pages number does not guarantee rank or traffic.SEO Analytics is a WONDERFUL tool to demonstrate the SEO work to clients. Again, don’t get mixed with positions but fir the client who does not know SEO, the nifty graphs and charts can really help visually demonstrate your hard work.

What else can I say? Enjoy!

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