Google AdWords and Analytics Integration 101

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We received note from the Google team asking us to verify our integration between Google AdWords and Google Analytics as they are about to upgrade the integration between the two on march 4th.

The required actions are simply to verify that the accounts are connected AND that the “apply cost data” checkbox is checked on the analytics profile settings panel.

I’ll take this opportunity to revisit the whole AdWords – Analytics integration process, which is a pretty basic feature most of us can benefit from. However, most of the new accounts I meet are just not set properly hence losing out on some pretty neat features and insights on their websites and campaigns.

Linking Google Adwords and Analytics 101

Why link AdWords and Google Analytics?

  • It’s there and it’s free – so why not?
  • Consolidate your marketing activities and analyze together.
  • See you Google AdWords QUALITY of traffic, not just quantity.
  • Cross Reference AdWords campaigns with traffic segments.

Linking Adwords and Analytics in 5 Easy Steps

  • Login to AdWords
  • Click the “Analytics” tab
  • Select “I already have an analytics account
  • Select “Existing Google accounts” and select your Analytics Account
  • Make sure both check boxes below are CHECKED

That’s it – You’re Done!!!

(allow a day or two for the data to synch)

Things to remember…

  • There is a 1 to 1 relationship between AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. One AdWords Account will connect to only one Google Analytics account and vice verse.
  • If your AdWords account contains campaigns to other websites they will also show up on Google Analytics and mess your stats. Keep each website’s campaign on their own account.
  • Set both Adwords and Analytics accounts for the same time zone else your stats will be skewed.
  • Make sure that on your Google Adwords account settings, Auto Tagging is active. Else, Tag your URLs based on the Google Analytics syntax – URL builder can be found here:’ve done what you asked for – now what?

Segment you traffic:

There are at least three ways to segment your data on Google Analytics. The behave a bit differently, enable different depth of analysis and clarity of the data – but as long as you use one of them properly it’s OK:

  • Using Built in Reports
  • Using Custom Filters
  • Using Advanced Segments

Look at Adwords data quality – identify problematic campaigns, ad groups, keywords and optimize them based on Analytics KPIs such as goal conversion, bounce rate, time on site, visitor loyalty etc.

Optimize your campaigns

  • Optimize Keyword selection
  • Optimize Ad copy
  • Optimize geo-targeting
  • Change bids


60 Seconds and AdWords & Analytics together:

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