I now have my own Canonical Link Element Implemented

Thanks to Yoast for writing the great post and developing the canonical link element plugin for wordpress, and thanks for Tal to commenting on my previous post and discovering the link – I now have my own canonical link element implemented on my wordpress blog 🙂

Canonical Link Elements tools we already have:

Duplicate Content Out, Canonical Link Element In!

Olivier sent me a txt in the middle of the night 2 weeks ago, directly from SMX West: “Matt Cutts just presented a revolution to the way duplicate content will be handles!”

Well I got to my email and started looking for blogs and tweets on the subject – and it indeed we are probably entering a new phase in the duplicate content fight. Continue reading “Duplicate Content Out, Canonical Link Element In!”

Leveraging Webmaster tools for SEO Success

Google webmaster tools panel has been around for quite some time. The Live webmaster tools joined a bit later. I get a lot of questions from colleagues and clients whether these are really helpful, and lately I found myself spending more and more time within these places finding useful information and amending my SEO strategy accordingly. Continue reading “Leveraging Webmaster tools for SEO Success”

SMX London 2008 – Day 2 Summary

SMX London day 2 has started with a super interesting session on link building strategies. I was surprised to really hear NEW stuff and much more than the regular “submit to Yahoo!” and “get links from your business partners, clients and vendors” – The speakers seemed all very knowledgeable and experienced in what I find is the most important quality in link building: Think OUT of the box. Continue reading “SMX London 2008 – Day 2 Summary”