Microsoft adCenter New Features

Microsoft adCenter announced today on a few new features to their Pay per Click (PPC) platform.
These new features are mainly administrative which focuses on:

  • Billing Features Improvement
  • Improved and deeper keyword research tools
  • Reporting Improvement

Microsoft adCenter platform does not count for a large market share compared to search giant Google and rival Yahoo!, though their new system is pretty neat in its features and ability to target specific demographics easily. From our experience at Compucall while adCenter provides lower volume their traffic quality is sometimes significantly better than others.

Microsoft adCenter new features

With this new adCenter upgrade, enjoy a more efficient advertising experience with new features that you’ve been asking for:

adCenter account and billing features

Manage Your Credit Cards and Payments More Efficiently

With the latest features, you can better organize your credit card payment information and make monthly payments or settle outstanding charges on demand—no need to contact the adCenter support team.
adCenter keyword research features

Better Optimize Your Campaigns with Powerful Keyword Research Data

The improved Research tab offers an end-to-end keyword research and optimization experience that is easy for you to use. Get suggested keywords, performance data, and cost-per-click information before adding to your ad group.
Run and create reports with ease

Refresh Your Report Data and Create New Reports More Quickly

The latest reporting features help you save time and easily access the latest information on your account. Now you can quickly refresh a previously created report to get the latest data without having to create a report from scratch.

You can also download a pdf version of this update here.

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