Speaking about Paid Search at SMX London 08

SMX London 2008
SMX London 2008

The famous Search Marketing Expo is coming to London this week. I’ll be speaking about Paid Search on the first day (Tuesday, Nov 4th 2008) and I’m very excited and thrilled.

For me, every time when I get a chance to visit on of these S** (SMX, SES…) events It’s sort of a fest. You see I’ve been involved in this industry since it’s very beginning back in 1998, and I’ve seen these events grow from a couple of hundred visitors small – friendly – cosy meeting to a full blown conference with thousands of enthusiastic professionals. Continue reading “Speaking about Paid Search at SMX London 08”

Google AdWords Editor 6.5 Review

Last week I learned that AdWords Editor 6.5 is out, I thought I’ll give it a short review. Google AdWords Editor is a very powerful windows (or mac) application which enables Google AdWords advertisers create and edit campaigns from the ease of the desktop, much faster and with ability to run very nice tips and tricks to create complex campaigns.

I downloaded and installed the new version, and below are my findings.

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Google AdWords Conversion tracking: Site Stats logo is now optional

Google AdWords
Google AdWords

I just received an email from Google AdWords stating that the annoying “stats by Google” box on the conversion pages will now be optional. This seems a really good move on their part.

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Google Quality Score Update now Live

Google Quality Score update has started to take effect on my accounts. In a previous post I covered the upcoming Google Quality Score changes. It seems last few days the change started to show on my accounts, and the outcome is quite interesting. Google is now sharing with us a real rank – score of 0 to 10 out of 10 possible points, and when our score is low they recommend us the necessary changes in order to improve our quality score! Continue reading “Google Quality Score Update now Live”

5 Steps to Mastering Google AdWords Campaigns

Here’s the presentation I gave on the Meetup breakfast with Jeff Pulver on August 28th 2008 in Tel Aviv:

The presentation is embed below and the session itself is available on YouTube:

Part I
Part II
Part III