Speaking about Paid Search at SMX London 08

SMX London 2008
SMX London 2008

The famous Search Marketing Expo is coming to London this week. I’ll be speaking about Paid Search on the first day (Tuesday, Nov 4th 2008) and I’m very excited and thrilled.

For me, every time when I get a chance to visit on of these S** (SMX, SES…) events It’s sort of a fest. You see I’ve been involved in this industry since it’s very beginning back in 1998, and I’ve seen these events grow from a couple of hundred visitors small – friendly – cosy meeting to a full blown conference with thousands of enthusiastic professionals.

At this time tomorrow, I’ll be landing in chilly London.

They say the world divides into two: Those of love London and those who love Paris. Supposedly, these two groups are not correlated at all and they are sort of like Mccain Vs. Obama 🙂 Anyway – I’m probably in a very small group of people who love both cities. In US elections google found me the term Ohmama – I guess I’m a Parindon 🙂 Nevertheless, I’d take SMX in the Pompidoo Center or in the Luxemburg Gardens over the Big Ben anytime.

Professionally speaking, I’ll be opening the ‘Fundamentals of Search Advertising‘ session, and will present my methodology of how to “think PPC” and strategizing a successful campaign. My fellow speakers will drill down to discuss really interesting concepts from keyword expansion, through integration between SEO and PPC to negative keywords and new regulatory issues in SEM.

I promise to send updates, photos and if time allows even a few video clips – and if you’re there – email, blog, tweet me – let’s have a drink!


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