Google AdWords Editor 6.5 Review

Last week I learned that AdWords Editor 6.5 is out, I thought I’ll give it a short review. Google AdWords Editor is a very powerful windows (or mac) application which enables Google AdWords advertisers create and edit campaigns from the ease of the desktop, much faster and with ability to run very nice tips and tricks to create complex campaigns.

I downloaded and installed the new version, and below are my findings.

Google AdWords Editor 6.5 Installation

Well, First things first – I tried to download and install. The download worked fine, but the installation went really bad. Both versions (old and new) stopped working and I had to uninstall my new and old versions one by one before I had to reinstall the new one to get it to work.

Google AdWords Editor 6.5 Bug

Thanks to the post I read at JumpFly I realized I cannot use the new cute tools the new version offers with my MCC login (that’s a login which enables access to several accounts, mainly used by Agencies.)

Google AdWords Editor 6.5 New Features:

The official AdWords Editor 6.5 Release note presents the following upgrades:
Keyword Opportunities (Beta)
* The Keyword expansion feature generates keyword ideas based on words or phrases.
* The Keyword multiplier combines lists of terms to form new keywords.
* Data view improvements
* Column auto-sizing
* Horizontal scrolling:
* Column selection:
* Date picker:
* Importing and exporting
* New editing options
* Copy campaign or ad group ‘shells’
* Create duplicates when replacing or appending text
* Content bids

* To use a separate content bid for an ad group, simply specify the bid on the Ad Groups tab.
Upgrading to version 6.5: When you upgrade, you won’t lose your unposted changes or comments. This means you can choose the ‘Update without Backup’ option in the auto-update message. After you upgrade, your entire account, including comments and unposted changes, will already be in the new version of AdWords Editor.

Keyword Research & Manipulation Tools

While the latter changes are quite insignificant, the keyword Opportunities area is very interesting. There are a lot of paid and free 3rd party tools for keyword expansion, research and manipulation of lists. From the well known wordtracker, through Keyword discovery, the newer tools such as keyword spy and spyfu, google trends, google insight for search (also on this blog), the Google keyword tool and several unique permutation tools such as the RustyBrick Tool and the cute Keyword Permutator, which help build expanded lists of different keyword matching.

I must say I was a bit disappointed with the current release as the features are basically a simplified version of the excellent Google keyword research tool and keyword permutation tools which are out there for quite a while.

While for the advanced Google AdWords Manager these are not insightful or mind blowing features, I do feel that for novice advertisers these tools, built into the AdWords Editor provide a great addition and value, and positions the AdWords Editor (once again) as a top notch tool for creating and managing Google AdWords campaigns.

What Do you think?

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