Google AdWords Conversion tracking: Site Stats logo is now optional

Google AdWords
Google AdWords

I just received an email from Google AdWords stating that the annoying “stats by Google” box on the conversion pages will now be optional. This seems a really good move on their part.

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Google AdWords was one of the first platforms to enable advertisers this so important feature which enables tracking conversions for the campaigns from the entire account level, campaign level, ad group, ads and down to the specific keyword. The tool enables advertisers to monitor, review and optimize the spend based on predefined KPI’s therefore to create much more effective campaigns.

Improved AdWords Conversion Tracking

On April 2008, Google AdWords released the renewed conversion tracking user interface which now offers a very intuitive and easy to use step-by-step wizard which enables advertisers to create differntiated tags for each different conversion.
For example, Advertisers can create tags for leads, sales and any other action they wish to track – as long as it is tagged with the Google AdWords Conversion tracking code.

A nice review on this was published on the AdWords Blog and later on on ROI Revolution Blog.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking
Google Adwords Conversion Tracking
Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Edit Action
Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Edit Action

Conversion Tracking ‘Stats by Google’ Indicator

For years, the Google AdWords Conversion tracking code created an automatic image which was shown to users arriving at the conversion “thank you” pages. Google rationalized this feature as a mean to improve transparency and privacy issues, however advertisers did not like this at all, even when Google enabled the advertisers to customize the color schemes of the image.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Customize Indicator
Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Customize Indicator

From Google AdWords email:

If you currently use or have considered using AdWords conversion tracking, we have news that may be of interest to you. Conversion tracking users are no longer required to display the “Google Site Stats” logo on the conversion pages of their web sites.

Previously, a small but visible text block that read “Google Site Stats” automatically appeared on the page where the conversion tracking code was placed on your web site. The logo would appear only after a conversion occurred via your AdWords ad, and it provided converting visitors links to information about AdWords conversion tracking and instructions on how to block the tracking.

However, many advertisers have told us that the logo was redundant with their own privacy policy, where they already notify users about the tracking technologies in use on their sites. As a result, we’re now giving you the option of not showing the Site Stats logo on the conversion page(s) of your site.

If you currently have conversion tracking tags installed on your web site, the Site Stats logo will continue to display unless you take further action. If you choose to remove the logo, please inform users about the tracking methods you employ on your site by modifying your site’s privacy policy.

For those of you who are new to conversion tracking, it’s a powerful tool that allows you to measure conversion metrics for your AdWords campaigns. An added benefit of using conversion tracking is that it allows you to use the Conversion Optimizer, a bidding feature that uses your conversion tracking data to optimize the performance of your campaigns, helping you make the most of your advertising dollars.

Source: Google AdWords Blog.

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