Google Quality Score Update

Quality Score is one term which for some people may some vague or taken from the Olympics – but for others, in the web marketing business, especially those who specialize in Pay per Click and Google AdWords Optimization – it’s one KPI we all strive to maximize. Google has announced they are rolling out a change in the Quality Score algorithms, so here goes… Continue reading “Google Quality Score Update”

Google AdWords Policy Protects against Reverse Billing Mobile Content

I just got this note from Google, it appears AdWords Policy now Protects against Reverse Billing Mobile Content. They will no longer enable advertisers to publish offers which do not show the actual pricing clearly. Continue reading “Google AdWords Policy Protects against Reverse Billing Mobile Content”

Google Adwords Phishing Email


A few weeks ago I received a phishing email (I get a lot of those) but for the first time the phishing concept was themed with Google Adwords.

This post covers:

1. About the Google Adwords Phishing Scam

2. The Marketing Effect on Google Adwords


Ophir Continue reading “Google Adwords Phishing Email”