Internet Statistics Israel February 2008

Hey, I’m back after a few silent weeks…

I found the recent survey from TIM – TNS – Teleseker. It seems in February 2008 most Israeli web sites suffered a fall. Ynet fell ~5 points from 62.6% to 57.4%; MSN Israel fell 2 points from 31.7% to 29.8%; Tapuz fell 4 points from 31.2% to 27.1%.

Nevertheless, the global web sites such as Google, YouTube & Facebook maintaned stability and even slightly improved their numbers.

Here’s the list compared to previous months:

Internet Statistics Israel February 2007

SEO Automation: SEOmoz Launches SEO Analytics

Well, it’s seldom when I can write about two new revelations in one week, and be exited with both. But I guess this is one of those weeks…

I just received an email from SEOmoz, followed but reading Rand Fishkin’s Blog Post announcing the re-launch of their premium service as “SEOmoz PRO” (nothing new, seems more like “hype”) service – however, and here comes the cherry – a completely renovated interface, AJAX / Web 2.0 extra cool and interactive interface! Continue reading “SEO Automation: SEOmoz Launches SEO Analytics”

User Generated Video & Silver Surfers: Friend or Foe?

I read a new research summary from eMarketer this weekend. The summary analyzed three interesting researches on the interesting subject of User Generated Video and the demographic segmentation of its use.

The three article examined the demographic patterns of user generated video consumption, trying to identify segments which tend to use and consume this type of media more than others.

While these articles provided a world of graphs, charts and precentages of all kinds (I’ll review most below) I’d like to focus on a few figures which I found quite interesting: Continue reading “User Generated Video & Silver Surfers: Friend or Foe?”

Internet Usage in Israel Stats for 2007

A survey conducted on December 2007 by TNS Teleseker – “TIM Survey”, in Israel, shows 4 million Intenret users in Israel. This number shows a slight growth of 2% vs. the results from December 2006, and mainly reflects the growth of overall population in Israel.

A few interesting Internet usage statistics in Israel: Continue reading “Internet Usage in Israel Stats for 2007”