Internet Usage in Israel Stats for 2007

A survey conducted on December 2007 by TNS Teleseker – “TIM Survey”, in Israel, shows 4 million Intenret users in Israel. This number shows a slight growth of 2% vs. the results from December 2006, and mainly reflects the growth of overall population in Israel.

A few interesting Internet usage statistics in Israel:

  • 73% of Israeli households are connected to the internet.
  • 96% of the users enjoy broadband Intenet access.
  • The gender split is 54% male, 46% female.
  • The segment of 50+ years old users count for 23% of the users (vs. 11% of the users 7 years ago!)
  • 39% of Israeli web users are signed for at least one social network

So what do these web usage statistics mean?

1. The growth of the internet usage is slowing down, as the share of users from the entire population is getting close to saturation.
2. The penetration of broadband access is amazingly high, and supports the usage of rich media and video in their various formats in marketing activities (in the past this used to be an obstacle)
3. I personally like the segment of 50+ years old. This segment has time, most of them has spare money, and we see more and more users in this segment spending money online and using the Internet for purposes of personal banking, shopping, paying the bills and many other activities other than just reading the news.

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