Microsoft adCenter Analytics – Finally In!

Microsoft Adcenter Analytics LogoWell,
It only took two days and dozens of failed logins, error messages, appology emails and so on – but I’m finally in – and I am now the proud owner of 2 Microsoft Analytics profiles 🙂

So, I just wanted to share the first experience of setting up a profile and going over the different features and settings – mainly because I just started to collect data andthere’s nothing to actually see in the reports.

The overall UI is quite good. It has the same look and feel of Microsoft Adcenter, and similar hierarchy and navigation, whic are very smart as they shorten the learning curve. The interface is AJAX rich and runs quite fastly.

Going over the signup process, there was a very cute feature which offered to automatically install the tracking codes to my web site – amazingly I agreed to let it log to my FTP server and do what it should – but as expected, this failed. Actually, the only page that had the Adcenter code after I run their wizard was the default wordpress readme.html file 😉 which hardly counts for a page, and the good thing I got from this was to delete it from the server. It is quite obvious to say that the software gently ignored the worpress files and filders which are ending with the fantastic .php extention – and I’m intreagued whether this is because they really don’t follow anything other than .HTML or intentionally?

Well, I logged to my control panel of word[press and pasted the codes myself where they should be. One of the funny things I have yet to understand – is that the user account authentication code consists of only 4 capital letters (you can see in my source code of this page), and the next profile as well as one another friend of mine just entered – were pretty much following. I wonder how they authenticate the web sites…?

Going over the profile settings, there are very clear options, and when entering each option I found the logic to be very straight forward, simple, easy to use andunderstand. The con here is that it seems much less sophiosticated than Google’s filtering system as well as other tools. All in all, I get the feeling that this is more targeted towards newbies and small businesses than larger more complex web sites. here’s how it looks like:

Microsoft Adcenter Analytics Settings

In the coming days, I’ll update a bit deeper on the actual reprots and data!

SEO Automation: SEOmoz Launches SEO Analytics

Well, it’s seldom when I can write about two new revelations in one week, and be exited with both. But I guess this is one of those weeks…

I just received an email from SEOmoz, followed but reading Rand Fishkin’s Blog Post announcing the re-launch of their premium service as “SEOmoz PRO” (nothing new, seems more like “hype”) service – however, and here comes the cherry – a completely renovated interface, AJAX / Web 2.0 extra cool and interactive interface! Continue reading “SEO Automation: SEOmoz Launches SEO Analytics”

Industry Benchmarking – New Google Analytics Breakthrough!

I had a conversation with Brett Crosby from Google Analytics some hours ago, and it appears Google Analytics is releasing very powerful new features for their free web analytics suite. I must say at first I was not very optimistic, but when our conversation ended, and I was looking at the screenshots – My head was simply nodding unwontedly – These guys usually roll out great products, but these features I’m about to cover are way more than “features”. These have the potential to actually CHANGE to way we do web analytics, and the significantly change the way we treat the web as a marketing tool!

Industry Benchmarking from Google Analytics

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Urchin Software Download Beta Review

Urchin Software from Google AnalyticsGoogle released the latest version of Urchin (the “mother” of Google Analytics) to the public yesterday, so I couldn’t help myself – but to try the urchin software download, use it and review.

Below you will find my preliminary findings and conclusions. Continue reading “Urchin Software Download Beta Review”

Segmenting Visitors by Average Time on Site

Following the latest posts on time on site on this blog and on Occams Razon by Avinash Kaushik, I received a few questions and I also saw a few comments about Segmenting Visitors by Average Time on Site.

On my last post I demonstrated the results of such a measure – on this post I will write the exact cook book which enables this task. Continue reading “Segmenting Visitors by Average Time on Site”