Brian Clifton on Web Metrics & His New Book

“the vast majority of web content is made up of poorly optimised websites. By that I mean poorly optimised for visibility (visitors can’t find you via the search engines) and poorly optimised for the user experience (leading to low conversion rates). These two are closely related and web analytics is the key to unlock the potential of both.” (Brian Clifton)


I just read a very good interview with Brian Clifton.
For those of you who don’t know who Brian is, he is (was) the Head of Google Analytics in EMEA, holds a Phd, a veteran to the web marketing industry and the author of the new book: Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics.

Brian is now leaving Google and going back to be a Senior Strategist for Omega Digital Media – the company he founded back in 1997.
The interview is very interesting, and I just wanted to quote one sentence (at the top of this post) I feel is the essence of web analytics or Web Metrics as some call it).

Web Analytics is the place where most optimization techniques are reflected, where they can all be measured, demonstrated and leveraged. When wanting to show a client their SEO or Usability is not good enough, simply review their analytics. On the other hand, to know the problem of web sites – simply look at their web analytics – you will find the most intreaguing business aspects strengths and weaknesses of their operation. It’s not all about how many visits did I get yesterday vs. the day before – it’s the basic analysis of your business, thrugh the eyes and behavior of your customers.

SphinnCon Israel – Event Summary

Well it’s now 23:09 and I just got back home… It has been a really long and exciting day for me.

SphinnCon Israel was an exciting event. I am not familiar with the final number of guests, but for my eyes it seemed very similar to ~200 SE’ enthusiasts mingling, networking, debating, eating, drinking etc.

In a way, it reminded me my first SES event I attended in Munich back in 2002 – Small, cozy – and most important – Getting the local industry together in one place, for the first time ever. Continue reading “SphinnCon Israel – Event Summary”

SEO: Effective Meta Descriptions

The official Google Webmaster Central Blog posted a few months ago a nice post on writing meta description tags.

Well, this is actually much more interesting than it seems. For years, one of the most common SEO myths around the industry was that “Google ignores Meta tags” and that it is not relevant anymore. Then here comes Google and says – I CARE! Continue reading “SEO: Effective Meta Descriptions”

Web Marketing – How it All Begun for me

Hi there, welcome to my Blog.

My name is Ophir Cohen, and I am doing web marketing since 1998. It all started out with this weird project which included e-commerce – I had to sell some products online.
Until then, I had only been involved in corporate web sites, all statis HTML (the odea of dynamic web sites ws there, butwas mostly out of reach.

To cut this long story short – After I built an amazing website with its own e-commerce capability, I was very surprised how hard it was to get people to come to the site and to purchase 🙂

So I read, engaged in free and paid seminars, web sites, subscriptions, researched, trial an error and basically went through everything that was known at the time. (Google, BTW, was a phd document with a working model – but it was not known back then).

Compucall Web Marketing was established in 1999, when I realized the need and the added value I could give organization in the same stage I passed through before. My main specialty was SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and during the years, with the development of new technologies, channels, the arrival of Google and other to the scene – the company grew and we are now 18 Professionals with the capability and ca[acity to run a turn-key Web Marketing Projects.

In this blog, I will share my insights, tips, stories and recommendations – for those of you who are interested in the subject.

Enjoy reading, and feel free to write me at: oc (at) ophircohen (dot) com