SEO Research – clifinar SEO Contest Review

We’re now already three weeks in the clifinar SEO contest and in my opinion it gets more interesting with time goes by. Now, that the search engines are crawling and indexing this new term for three weeks, the results count on is over 10,000 results, and more importantly – the obvious, easy and fast SEO tricks are all in, and it really starts to show creativity and quality in the SERP’s.

I want to take this post and devote it to a few clifinar players which I found to be playing the game, learning from it and collaborative enough to share their findings with the rest of us. The most interesting ones will also get a link from this post:

clifinar SEO contest video review:

Clifinar SEO Contest ReviewMore free videos are here

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clifinar is also בךןכןמשר

Some of the clifinar contest players have Hebrew on their PC’s, therefore it must happen to them every now and then that they try to type and english word like clifinar and instead write בךןכןמשר


Is the word clifinar typed with the same keys when they keyboard is set to Hebrew. That’s a real bummer because usually it makes you write with mistakes. We sometime use such spellings and typo’s in PPC campaigns and drive really cheap and really good traffic to our clients as usually this weird wrd will be the only relevant result for such a page.

back to…


clifinar really makes me happy. To see a term with zero results turn to 2560 results is ~7 days is really cool and shows us the endless possibilities for publishing content on the Internet, for free.

It does take lots of thinking, dedication, devotion, practice, trial and error and of course – luck – yes! we need luck!!!

So good luck all –