SEO Research – clifinar SEO Contest Review

We’re now already three weeks in the clifinar SEO contest and in my opinion it gets more interesting with time goes by. Now, that the search engines are crawling and indexing this new term for three weeks, the results count on is over 10,000 results, and more importantly – the obvious, easy and fast SEO tricks are all in, and it really starts to show creativity and quality in the SERP’s.

I want to take this post and devote it to a few clifinar players which I found to be playing the game, learning from it and collaborative enough to share their findings with the rest of us. The most interesting ones will also get a link from this post:

clifinar SEO contest video review:

Clifinar SEO Contest ReviewMore free videos are here

Dana’s clifinar

Dana has setup a wordpress blog on platform. While she is not the only one to use the platform for the contest, the content she wrote caught not only my eyes, but other SEO professionals out there. Dana’s clifinar page covers some interesting angles on the influence of the SEO work on the different engines and social media platforms, on the SERP’s. Her findings are quite interesting and worth learning from.

Shimrit’s clifinar

Shimrit writes a blog in the platform, which is local Israeli blogging platform based on wordpress. It’s a bit less flexible that running your own blog, but it has its advantages as well.
Shimrit covered in details the top ranked clifinar pages on, analyzed the pages on a variety of SEO tools and provided very good insights comparing the results. So here you go shimrit – clifinar away!

Naomi’s clifinar

Naomi is ranking #2 for the clifinar searches on For a while there she was #1 however Amit & Co. passed them and are now #1 forsome days.
Naomi started her blog with less content and more link bait, however with time, she writes more and more content including tips and hints on writing better content, getting more links and optimizing the efforts.

There are some other very nice clifinar stories to tell, and if you send me some data I promise to review, and if appropriate to link to your researches. See you all in Compubeach on July 17th for the official declaration of the winner!

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