Microsoft adCenter Desktop – Beta + Clifinar

A few days ago I came a cross a post which mentioned the Microsoft adCenter Desktop is underway and that I can request for a beta.

Well, I thought, I will probably have to wait some time until they grant access – but I signed for it anyhow. Surprisingly, I received the invitation today.

The registration progress is complex. You must use Microsoft Conect and your passport ID and agree to all sorts of “I agree to this and that…” Until I finally got to the download page.

First, I must mention that in my office the download did not work properly. I am now downloading the software at home and waiting to see how it looks like…

Microsoft adCenter Desktop Review

After the complex registration process, and the 2 stage download, the installation is somewhat seamless and is part of the downloader – using a Microsoft Installer.

1. Overall experience

The interface is very “microsoft”. Similar to the new office environment with colors, tabs, buttons and navigation, the interface seems to present the data in a good way, not too crowded withoit hurting the functionality.

2. Speed

It seems, at least for now, that the speed is very very good! It pull reporting data of past performance, campaigns etc. in a great response time

3. Functionality

I have been playing around for only a short while – however it seems that it is feature rich and at some points much better than Google – especially with all around the new keywords, keyword research and market research data, available directly from the program and integrated to the campaigns

4. Bidding

A nice button enables me to make all bids #1 🙂 (Good for MS LOL).
Other than that – bidding is quite similar to the AdWords editor features (at least its older version).

5. Cool Stuff

Favorites, Alerts & Market Research

Favorites – quite similar to web browsing, are items I can select from my panel to appear as favorite campaigns on my dashboard. this can be very useful in large campaigns and enable fast access to major KPI’s.

Alerts are similar, where I can set certain rules and thresholds, when crossed an alert would pop

Research – this is too cool for a line here. I will give it its own post 🙂


Adcenter Editor is a very good start for Microsoft in this business, to enable smart marketers manage teir campaigns proactively and easily. Yahoo! – where are youoo! ???

Clifinar Contest

and a small personal thing- I’m running a small SEO contest in our firm between the team. the purpuse is to promote the word clifinar to the top of the serps (clifinar is a short name for Clifton (one of our analysts) and Seminar – and is a line of professional seminar he handles internally – we suggested our team to practice their skills and creativity, so: A) Sorry for the useless content we’re putting up there and B) I’d appreciate a link here clifinar 🙂

*cheers* – Ophir

Updated – June 14th 2008 – Chad write this cool clifinar blog – I thought I’ll give him some link juice 🙂

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  1. I also feel bad about some of the useless content I am placing all over the show. But you have to play fair – if you’re going to give him some link juice – you should give me some too 🙂 (If you think my blog is worth it)


    And you can’t even say that I made you work to write the link.

    I’ll be glad to up a post about your blog too of course.

    And, nice post. Though it’s good that everyone is keeping up with the “Googles”. Will they ever bring as much traffic as Google does, I wander.

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