Segmenting Visitors by Average Time on Site

Following the latest posts on time on site on this blog and on Occams Razon by Avinash Kaushik, I received a few questions and I also saw a few comments about Segmenting Visitors by Average Time on Site.

On my last post I demonstrated the results of such a measure – on this post I will write the exact cook book which enables this task. Continue reading “Segmenting Visitors by Average Time on Site”

Sphinn Event: SphinnCon Israel: February 5, 2008

SphinnCon Israel

The agenda is now up for the first SphinnCon Israel, to be held on February 5 in Jerusalem.

“The idea behind SphinnCon is simple. Many readers know about SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series. Those aren’t going away, but we also know that we can’t bring a traditional two or three day conference to all the cities in the world that people wish for. ” Continue reading “Sphinn Event: SphinnCon Israel: February 5, 2008”

SEO: Effective Meta Descriptions

The official Google Webmaster Central Blog posted a few months ago a nice post on writing meta description tags.

Well, this is actually much more interesting than it seems. For years, one of the most common SEO myths around the industry was that “Google ignores Meta tags” and that it is not relevant anymore. Then here comes Google and says – I CARE! Continue reading “SEO: Effective Meta Descriptions”

Web Analytics: More on Time on Site Calculations

Following Avinash’s great post I’ve already mentioned yesterday, I re-read the entire post and more than 3o interesting comments.

The main problem as Avinash explains, is that we can’t actually calculate the time on page and time on site where we don’t have an “exit” mark.

This basically means, that most of our “bounces”, “zero” time on site and “short visits” (depending on your software verbiage) are related not only to those who close their browser right after entering your page, but to those who viewed 1 page, perhaps even for a while – but didn’t go any further.

Well I say delete them!

The problem with zero time on site

The zero time on site is screwing up the entire time on site statistics of your pages.
Here’s an example for a website we manage where the average time on site is 91 seconds.

Average Time on Site - All VisitorsAverage Time on Site - All Visitors

Looks fine to the untrained eye: 91 seconds and 2.2 pages per visit – So is this the correct number? Continue reading “Web Analytics: More on Time on Site Calculations”

Web Analytics: How Time on Site is Measured?

Avinash Kaushik (see his RSS on my homepage 🙂 ), the author of “Web Analytics – An Hour a Day” and “Occams Razor” blog, wrote an excellent and comprehensive post on the methodology behind “time on site” and “time on page” metrics.

For all of you who always wonder how this is calculated and how come sometimes the numbers don’t seem too logic – Avinash exaplains the method from A to Z in a simple and logic way. Highly recommended! Continue reading “Web Analytics: How Time on Site is Measured?”