Google Affiliate Network Launching Soon!

google affiliate networkGoogle Affiliate Network…. sounds interesting? Well this is now no longer a thought, no longer an assessment of Google’s direction – it’s an official name they have given to the new product Google is releasing, based on DoubleClick Performics platform they got in the DoubleClck deal.

Google Affiliate Network:

As part of the integration of DoubleClick, the DoubleClick Performics Affiliate Network will now operate as the Google Affiliate Network for advertisers targeting users located in the United States. Similar to the AdSense Referrals program, the Google Affiliate Network enables publishers to apply for advertiser programs and get paid based on advertiser-defined actions instead of clicks or impressions. For further details, please visit:

Last night I got some 5 or 6 email from different Google services to my accounts and subscriptions, each mentioned this new product from a different angle. Here are a few:

Google is retiring Adsense Referrals Program

“Retiring” is a much nicer way to spell out “cancelling” or “revoking”. The Adsense Referrals program is widely used by webmsters nd IMO has been a very important part of the success of the Adsense Program.

Thank you for participating in the AdSense Referrals program.
We’re writing to let you know that we will be retiring the AdSense Referrals program during the last week of August. We appreciate your patience during this transition and here are some alternative options to consider:… * Google Affiliate Network: …

Why is this happening?
We’re constantly looking for ways to improve AdSense by developing and supporting features which drive the best monetization results for our publishers. Sometimes, this requires retiring existing features so we can focus our efforts on the ones that will be most effective in the long term. For this reason, we will be retiring the AdSense Referrals program. If you have any additional questions, please visit our Help Center:

Google is retiring the pay per action Beta

Thank you for participating in the pay-per-action beta. We’re writing to let you know that in the last week of August 2008, the AdWords pay-per-action beta test will be retired. Pay-per-action campaigns and all related data will be removed from all AdWords accounts the last week of October.

Starting the last week in August, your pay-per-action campaigns will no longer be active, and any ads in your campaigns will stop running. As a result, you will no longer be able to edit or create pay-per-action campaigns.

Important note: You will still be charged for conversions that occur up to 30 days after a click on a pay-per-action ad. To learn more, visit

* Starting the last week in October, your pay-per-action campaigns and all related data will be removed from your AdWords account. This includes pay-per-action reports in the Report Center. After this time you will no longer have access to your pay-per-action campaign data. If you wish to retain a permanent record of your pay-per-action campaign data, please export your data from the Report Center using the directions at

Well, that’s about it for now – I will now submit to the new network and see how it looks – be sure to expect some insights in the near future…