I’m (finally) on Twitter…

I was trying to avoid it for a long while, but I finally caved. I signed up for a Twitter account today and started my era of Micro Blogging. I hooked a few friends, but Twitter did not like my Gmail list too much, and said they will try again later… well – we’ll see about that.

So now it’s time for me to give you my twit – it’s http://twitter.com/ophirc and I’m looking forward to micro-blog with you all 😉 (it’s also on my sidebar connected via twitter tools plugin


2 thoughts on “I’m (finally) on Twitter…”

  1. Hi Ophir – Welcome in.
    Notice that the sidebar won’t show hebrew twit feeds – and will turn them into “????”
    They way I solved it for myself was to get the direct “twit badge” from the twitter website – and just embaded the code in a “text” widget in the sidebar.


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