Link Value – Getting Deeper into SEO

As the SEO world evolves, We need to go deeper and deeper into the understanding of A) How the work B) What parameters are calculated and C) What is the importance of each

This post will focus on item C) and relate mainly to the question of link value.

So what happened to Link Value in 2007?

1. Link Exchange took the place of the past “FFA Pages” as the closest to spam technique

2. Link Buying was declared “illegal substence” by Google, then thousands of web sites which sold links were penalized and their clients went down the drain of SERP’s

3. Rel=NoFollow attribute and its increased use has madegetting new qualified links much harder

4. Duplicate Content Filters are cleaning up the garbage and helping the engines (Mainly G) deliver much cleabner and better results

So how do we approach link development in 2008?

How Can we calculate a true Link Value?

I gathered some interesting posts and links which infuenced our methodology.

1. Ranking Factors V2 by SEOMOZ
An in depth review and summary of dozens of parameters ranked by 37 leading SEO’s.

2. Link Value Factors
Review and analysis on very specific link value factors, how they are calcuklated and what Industry leaders say about them

3. Matt Cutts – What Google Thinks of Link Buying and Selling for SEO Purposes
Matt Cutts explained the approach of Google to the link buyign and selling industry. Very controversial.

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