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  • Thanks to Yoast for writing the great post and developing the canonical link element plugin for wordpress, and thanks for Tal to commenting on my previous post and discovering the link – I now have my own canonical link element implemented on my wordpress blog Canonical Link Elements tools we already have: Firefox extension WordPress […]

  • Olivier sent me a txt in the middle of the night 2 weeks ago, directly from SMX West: “Matt Cutts just presented a revolution to the way duplicate content will be handles!” Well I got to my email and started looking for blogs and tweets on the subject – and it indeed we are probably […]

  • Google webmaster tools panel has been around for quite some time. The Live webmaster tools joined a bit later. I get a lot of questions from colleagues and clients whether these are really helpful, and lately I found myself spending more and more time within these places finding useful information and amending my SEO strategy […]

  • SMX London day 2 has started with a super interesting session on link building strategies. I was surprised to really hear NEW stuff and much more than the regular “submit to Yahoo!” and “get links from your business partners, clients and vendors” – The speakers seemed all very knowledgeable and experienced in what I find […]

  • Cool clip from the new feature series “red band” in the local cable network – very cool for SEO’s… Who’s managing The Internet? [ cheapest cialis overnight delivery | how can i get some cialis | viagra for teens | natural viagra alternative | free herbal viagra samples | cialis once daily | viagra cartoons […]

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The life of us folks who live. breathe and are looking most of our waking hours at the Google AdWords screens, are quite hectic. We live in a super dynamic industry with new media platforms and features pop up every day leaving us trying to keep up with the news while doing some work and aiming to achieve better results. This is not an easy task, and if I look […]

Last night, google aired a TV Ad during the super bowl event, known to be one of the most expensive ad spaces out there. While the actual investment is high – it is less interesting than the ‘sub text’ which clearly states and presents google to become a much more “main stream” business and not much different than other mega-brands such as Coke and others – pushing its brand and […]

I am now testing my new wordpress app on my iPhone. Pretty neat! [ buy cheapest cialis | cheap viagra online | buy viagra germany canadian meds | buy pfizer viagra online | buy cialis doctor online | how can i make homemade viagra | pfizer viagra 50 mg | viagra affect a female | viagra china | herbal viagra | buying generic cialis mexico rx | viagra chinese medicine […]

It has been real hard to keep secret for the last weeks where I had those new features and could not share with anyone, and is somewhat “liberating” to finally have the chance to review the new version of Google Analytics being announced today. Google, as Google, usually do not “announce” new features. What happens is you either find smth in their blog, or you simply log in to your […]

Last year we’ve written in our company blog about view through metrics, and apparently Google has listened Last few days I discovered a cool new column in my Google AdWords panel called “view through conversions“. These conversions, are, as Google states on their blog conversions which occurred on the target web site within 30 days of a display ad impression, in the content network. Yes, you are reading correctly – […]