Affilicon 2009 – How to Choose an SEO SEM Agency?

Tomorrow, June 1st 2009 Affilicon Israel will launch, and I am very excited. I just came back from the Pre-Event “Unofficial Gathering” in a cool Bar in Tel Aviv, and if this “unofficial” event was a predictive of what’s happening in the actual event, it’s going to be a blast!

Tomorrow (June 1st 2009) at 17:30, I am going to co-host a session about choosing SEO and SEM agency, a quite popular dilemma online marketers experience.

I hope those of you who attend affilicon will come to the session and find it beneficial, I also invite you to come meet me and my team at our booth #413 (next to the bar) and for those who won’t – perhaps next time…

You can see my presentation embedded here: