Google Analytics Download Tracking

Google Analytics is a tag based analytics program, which makes it a bit harder to track actions for untagged items such as documents. For example, if I want download tracking for my famous pdf white paper or power point presentation – it’s something which is not out of the box in Google Analytics.

In this post I will show two ways to track document downloads in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics pdf Tracking

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Google Analytics Filters – How to Exclude your own IP

This post will be the first of a series, which will cover Google Analytics Filters.
Google Analytics has become a widely used service. The reasons range from it’s being Free, its ease of use, Google’s amazing distribution channel and perhaps also some of the actual product qualities 🙂

There are also quite a few downsides to Google Analytics – which I will cover in a separate post.

So let’s dive into an interesting capability most Google Analytics users are not using, and sometimes not even aware of its existence.

Google Analytics Filters – Lesson #1

Excluding my own traffic from reports

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