Affilicon 2009 – How to Choose an SEO SEM Agency?

Tomorrow, June 1st 2009 Affilicon Israel will launch, and I am very excited. I just came back from the Pre-Event “Unofficial Gathering” in a cool Bar in Tel Aviv, and if this “unofficial” event was a predictive of what’s happening in the actual event, it’s going to be a blast!

Tomorrow (June 1st 2009) at 17:30, I am going to co-host a session about choosing SEO and SEM agency, a quite popular dilemma online marketers experience.

I hope those of you who attend affilicon will come to the session and find it beneficial, I also invite you to come meet me and my team at our booth #413 (next to the bar) and for those who won’t – perhaps next time…

You can see my presentation embedded here:

Cool New Google Analytics Add-ons

Ohh do I like these nifty add-ons… Especially when they help me be more efficient and perform simple but repetitive tasks faster and better.

Today I will cover two new Google Analytics add-ons – increase your size & snip-n-tag – I strongly recommend using – so you better read on… Continue reading “Cool New Google Analytics Add-ons”

Google AdWords Conversion Metrics – We Need to Go Deeper

Google AdWords

Last few days I saw some weird new metrics on my Google AdWords report center. At first I didn’t pay too much attention, but then came Google’s message and it got me thinking about the whole concept of conversion attribution models and how easily we can get the wrong conclusions when not analyzing the data properly. I will now present how easily we can persuade ourselves to take wrong campaign actions based on data which may seem very promising. Continue reading “Google AdWords Conversion Metrics – We Need to Go Deeper”

I now have my own Canonical Link Element Implemented

Thanks to Yoast for writing the great post and developing the canonical link element plugin for wordpress, and thanks for Tal to commenting on my previous post and discovering the link – I now have my own canonical link element implemented on my wordpress blog 🙂

Canonical Link Elements tools we already have:

Duplicate Content Out, Canonical Link Element In!

Olivier sent me a txt in the middle of the night 2 weeks ago, directly from SMX West: “Matt Cutts just presented a revolution to the way duplicate content will be handles!”

Well I got to my email and started looking for blogs and tweets on the subject – and it indeed we are probably entering a new phase in the duplicate content fight. Continue reading “Duplicate Content Out, Canonical Link Element In!”