Gatineau is now Microsoft adCenter Analytics – And I got an Invitation :-)

Thanks for your interest in Microsoft adCenter Analytics Beta (formerly code-named “Gatineau”). Our new web analytics program can help you learn more about visitor activity on your website—where your visitors come from and how long they stay, for example—so that you can measure the success of your marketing campaigns.
Get started now
To begin participating in the adCenter Analytics Beta program today, please do the following: …”

Are’nt you feeling lucky when you’re getting these “invitation” emails for new Beta stuff? I know I do…
Well, even more when it comes from Microsoft, and so much more when it’s for something I signed for months ago (I think 6 months actually). So Microsoft took their time and it appears they sent a bunch of invitations today (I got at least three just this morning), to visit and try out their new product, which was previously named “Gatineau” and is now prodly namesd “Microsoft adCenter Analytics“.

However, I guess my enthusiasm was too early, as after I clicked the activation link and logged in – I got the following message:

Microsoft Adcenter Analytics

Too bad – I promise to follow up and update – hopefully it will work at some point ?!?!?

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