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It’s been a while since I last wrote here, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share something I found to be very useful and could be somewhat revolutionary to Google AdWords bud management. Google Released their new “bid simulator” a few days ago, a super-cute tool which helps us find that sweet-spot where the keyword bid would be high enough to get the traffic and low enough […]

Last week I learned that AdWords Editor 6.5 is out, I thought I’ll give it a short review. Google AdWords Editor is a very powerful windows (or mac) application which enables Google AdWords advertisers create and edit campaigns from the ease of the desktop, much faster and with ability to run very nice tips and tricks to create complex campaigns. I downloaded and installed the new version, and below are […]

I just received an email from Google AdWords stating that the annoying “stats by Google” box on the conversion pages will now be optional. This seems a really good move on their part. [ cialis by mail | cheapest viagra | cialis samples | generic viagra usa | cheapest viagra in the world | viagra soft tablets | buy porn viagra | is viagra legal | buy cheap purchase uk […]

Quality Score is one term which for some people may some vague or taken from the Olympics – but for others, in the web marketing business, especially those who specialize in Pay per Click and Google AdWords Optimization – it’s one KPI we all strive to maximize. Google has announced they are rolling out a change in the Quality Score algorithms, so here goes… [ prescription cialis | how strong […]

Microsoft adCenter announced today on a few new features to their Pay per Click (PPC) platform. These new features are mainly administrative which focuses on: Billing Features Improvement Improved and deeper keyword research tools Reporting Improvement Microsoft adCenter platform does not count for a large market share compared to search giant Google and rival Yahoo!, though their new system is pretty neat in its features and ability to target specific […]