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Here’s the presentation I gave on the Meetup breakfast with Jeff Pulver on August 28th 2008 in Tel Aviv: The presentation is embed below and the session itself is available on YouTube: Part I Part II Part III 5 Step to mastering Google Adwords Campaigns Cheers OC

This Thursday (August 28th 2008) Compucall will be hosting a Meetup with Jeff Pulver, in ZOA House (Beit Tzioney America), on 26 Eben Gvirol street, at 9:00 AM, in Tel Aviv. “The August meetup is going to feature a new, stronger social networking framework, and a motivational talk by Jeff Pulver (www.pulver.com).” The Meetup is organized by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Entrepreneurs! group, established in May 2007, held 14 meetups and […]

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