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The life of us folks who live. breathe and are looking most of our waking hours at the Google AdWords screens, are quite hectic. We live in a super dynamic industry with new media platforms and features pop up every day leaving us trying to keep up with the news while doing some work and aiming to achieve better results. This is not an easy task, and if I look […]

Last year we’ve written in our company blog about view through metrics, and apparently Google has listened Last few days I discovered a cool new column in my Google AdWords panel called “view through conversions“. These conversions, are, as Google states on their blog conversions which occurred on the target web site within 30 days of a display ad impression, in the content network. Yes, you are reading correctly – […]

It’s been a while since I last wrote here, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share something I found to be very useful and could be somewhat revolutionary to Google AdWords bud management. Google Released their new “bid simulator” a few days ago, a super-cute tool which helps us find that sweet-spot where the keyword bid would be high enough to get the traffic and low enough […]

Last few days I saw some weird new metrics on my Google AdWords report center. At first I didn’t pay too much attention, but then came Google’s message and it got me thinking about the whole concept of conversion attribution models and how easily we can get the wrong conclusions when not analyzing the data properly. I will now present how easily we can persuade ourselves to take wrong campaign […]

We received note from the Google team asking us to verify our integration between Google AdWords and Google Analytics as they are about to upgrade the integration between the two on march 4th. The required actions are simply to verify that the accounts are connected AND that the “apply cost data” checkbox is checked on the analytics profile settings panel. I’ll take this opportunity to revisit the whole AdWords – […]