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We’re now already three weeks in the clifinar SEO contest and in my opinion it gets more interesting with time goes by. Now, that the search engines are crawling and indexing this new term for three weeks, the results count on Google.com is over 10,000 results, and more importantly – the obvious, easy and fast SEO tricks are all in, and it really starts to show creativity and quality in […]

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Some of the clifinar contest players have Hebrew on their PC’s, therefore it must happen to them every now and then that they try to type and english word like clifinar and instead write בךןכןמשר בךןכןמשר Is the word clifinar typed with the same keys when they keyboard is set to Hebrew. That’s a real bummer because usually it makes you write with mistakes. We sometime use such spellings and […]

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A few days ago I came a cross a post which mentioned the Microsoft adCenter Desktop is underway and that I can request for a beta. Well, I thought, I will probably have to wait some time until they grant access – but I signed for it anyhow. Surprisingly, I received the invitation today. The registration progress is complex. You must use Microsoft Conect and your passport ID and agree […]