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Last night, google aired a TV Ad during the super bowl event, known to be one of the most expensive ad spaces out there. While the actual investment is high – it is less interesting than the ‘sub text’ which clearly states and presents google to become a much more “main stream” business and not much different than other mega-brands such as Coke and others – pushing its brand and […]

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The famous Search Marketing Expo is coming to London this week. I’ll be speaking about Paid Search on the first day (Tuesday, Nov 4th 2008) and I’m very excited and thrilled. For me, every time when I get a chance to visit on of these S** (SMX, SES…) events It’s sort of a fest. You see I’ve been involved in this industry since it’s very beginning back in 1998, and […]

Google is gaining market share, says Hitwise. According to Hitwise’s latest report, Google receives 71% market share of searches, while Yahoo! receives 18.26%, MSN (Live) receives 5.32%, Ask.com receives 3.45% and the remaining 46 other engines accounted for 1.95% all together. [ cialis soft | cialis once daily | cialis cost | buy real viagra without prescription | alternative viagra drug | viagra online cod | long term effects of […]

Google Chrome launched less than a day ago, and this has been one of the busiest days on my twitter, email and all in all web life. I do not recall the last time the web was so obsessed with a launch of a beta product, so much conversations, expectations, opinions, buzz, hype, and web content spread in such a way. I read the comic, read some opinions and downloaded […]

Saw the movie ‘deception’ last night. was really good. # @OurielOhayon hey any chance for a few more seats? # Powered by Twitter Tools. [ viagra for woman | make your own viagra | cialis for women | ordering cialis gel | over night delivery of cialis online | buying generic cialis | 50 mg cialis dose | natural viagra substitutes | how much cialis | viagra reviews | mexico […]

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