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The life of us folks who live. breathe and are looking most of our waking hours at the Google AdWords screens, are quite hectic. We live in a super dynamic industry with new media platforms and features pop up every day leaving us trying to keep up with the news while doing some work and aiming to achieve better results. This is not an easy task, and if I look […]

It has been real hard to keep secret for the last weeks where I had those new features and could not share with anyone, and is somewhat “liberating” to finally have the chance to review the new version of Google Analytics being announced today. Google, as Google, usually do not “announce” new features. What happens is you either find smth in their blog, or you simply log in to your […]

Ohh do I like these nifty add-ons… Especially when they help me be more efficient and perform simple but repetitive tasks faster and better. Today I will cover two new Google Analytics add-ons – increase your size & snip-n-tag – I strongly recommend using – so you better read on… [ viagra chemical structure | viagra and alcohol | viagra label | cost of cialis | how to get cialis […]

We received note from the Google team asking us to verify our integration between Google AdWords and Google Analytics as they are about to upgrade the integration between the two on march 4th. The required actions are simply to verify that the accounts are connected AND that the “apply cost data” checkbox is checked on the analytics profile settings panel. I’ll take this opportunity to revisit the whole AdWords – […]

Google Analytics has announced a change to the custom variable _setVar, which will impact key metrics such as bounce rate and time on page. In this post I will try to shed some light on setVar and bounce rate, and show a few examples of where we can use them to gain insights if our visitors’ behavior. [ viagra levitra | purchase cialis | viagra cartoons | how does viagra […]