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Last year we’ve written in our company blog about view through metrics, and apparently Google has listened Last few days I discovered a cool new column in my Google AdWords panel called “view through conversions“. These conversions, are, as Google states on their blog conversions which occurred on the target web site within 30 days of a display ad impression, in the content network. Yes, you are reading correctly – […]

I just received an email from Google AdWords stating that the annoying “stats by Google” box on the conversion pages will now be optional. This seems a really good move on their part. [ buy cheap viagra | cialis for sale | getting cialis from canada | women viagra | levitra vs. cialis | viagra alternative and woman | where to get viagra | vigor 2000 | viagra seizures | […]

“the vast majority of web content is made up of poorly optimised websites. By that I mean poorly optimised for visibility (visitors can’t find you via the search engines) and poorly optimised for the user experience (leading to low conversion rates). These two are closely related and web analytics is the key to unlock the potential of both.” (Brian Clifton) Hi, I just read a very good interview with Brian […]

Following Avinash’s great post I’ve already mentioned yesterday, I re-read the entire post and more than 3o interesting comments. The main problem as Avinash explains, is that we can’t actually calculate the time on page and time on site where we don’t have an “exit” mark. This basically means, that most of our “bounces”, “zero” time on site and “short visits” (depending on your software verbiage) are related not only […]

Avinash Kaushik (see his RSS on my homepage ), the author of “Web Analytics – An Hour a Day” and “Occams Razor” blog, wrote an excellent and comprehensive post on the methodology behind “time on site” and “time on page” metrics. For all of you who always wonder how this is calculated and how come sometimes the numbers don’t seem too logic – Avinash exaplains the method from A to […]

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