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Sphinncon Israel 2008, we’ve arrived!

SphinnCon Israel 2008Hi everyone!

We’ve officially arrived at Sphinncon Israel 2008. Lots of great people, the buffet looks great. Barry Schwartz from Rustybrick and SearchengineLand is here as well. Check out the picture of us together.

The SEO panel is going to start soon so I’ll try and keep you updated as much as I can. I’m on the panel so I’ll have someone post updates as they come in.

*Update 12:30 – Okay we’re finally sitting down to start the SEO panel discussion. Everyone is ready to go! From left to right (sitting down): Barry Schwartz (RustyBrick), Branko Rihtman (Tens Technology), Sam Michelson (Five Blocks), Myself and Gilad Sasson (Nekuda)

SphinnCon Israel 2008 SEO Panelists

*Update 12:50 – Barry is giving his keynote. He discusses the SphinnCon Israel 2008 and plans for a full blown SMX in January 2009. We’re going to focus on the controversy surrounding paid links and how it’s affecting us. SphinnCon Israel 2008 Keynote by Barry Schwartz

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